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I help people everyday who are wrongly charged and are looking for a relatable, down-to-earth guy that can step up and give them a hand. I enjoy a snarky lawyer joke, time with my family, hitting up great concerts, and giving those in need the best legal defense available on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

– David P. Sullivan, Defense Attorney


Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

DUI offenses can land you with very serious penalties resulting in imprisonment, loss of your driver’s license, and cause your insurance rates to sky rocket.  Criminal Defense attorney David P. Sullivan will mount you the best defense possible on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Drug Crime Defense

Many drug crime charges in Mississippi have mandatory minimum penalties, can carry harsh fines, and can destroy your chances at employment: don’t hesitate to reach out today to Criminal Defense Attorney David P. Sullivan today for the best Drug Crime Defense on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Any conviction of Mississippi’s Controlled Substances Act will result in a minimum of a 6 month suspension of driving privileges.  It is important to fight a drug crime charge so that you can continue to drive and your responsibilities to work and family life are not disrupted.

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Theft can be charged against you even if you believe you have the right or permission to property. Reach out to Defense Attorney David P. Sullivan today and discover the options available for your defense case. Avoid prison by getting the best defense attorney on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Violent Crimes

Every year, innocent people are convicted of violent crimes due to poor police work, fake evidence, mistaken identity, untruthful witnesses, and a host of other factors.  If you have been charged with a violent crime such as battery, weapon, or murder charges – we urge you to side with the best.  Contact the Offices of David P. Sullivan today to find out what your options are.

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Effective Criminal Defense tactics for a burglary charge can range from a misrepresentation of events and circumstances put forth by the prosecution to a lack of intent from the defendant.  We can help focus on the best criminal defense for you based upon your unique situation.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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There are many ways an effective Criminal Defense Attorney can argue for the defense in the case of a robbery charge. From mistaken identity to a misunderstanding of ownership, there are options available for an effective defense against robbery charges in South Mississippi with David P. Sullivan on your side.

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Domestic Violence

Side yourself with a Criminal Defense attorney who knows what the prosecution is bringing to the courtroom.  David P. Sullivan served as Gulfport’s City Prosecutor before becoming the leading Defense Attorneys on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and can bring your the best representation in defending yourself against Domestic Violence charges.

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Traffic Violations

Let David P. Sullivan give you a strong defense for your traffic violations, ranging from reckless driving to hit and runs to unpaid tickets.  David’s 20+ years as a trusted advocate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the best defense you can get.

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At The Law Offices of David P. Sullivan, PLLC we fight hard for those who desperately need the best DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and are proud of our heritage as a 4th generation Gulf Coast lawyer. Contact us today, so we can get on your side and even your chances in defending your case in the courtroom
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