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The Toughest DUI Defense Attorney for Your Money

Let David P. Sullivan bring you the best in Legal Defense Representation.


DUI Defense

Defense Attorney

Drug Charges

Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence

Defense Attorney

Traffic Citations

Defense Attorney

David P. Sullivan, PLLC also represents clients for Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury, Wills & Estates, and Business & Commercial Litigation.

$ 342618

Dollars saved in court fines, citations, and rulings over the years.

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Lives made better by cases fought and won by the Law Offices of David P. Sullivan.

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The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Defense Attorney

Four Generations of Sullivan Family Lawyers in Mississippi.

Currently serves as a Municipal Judge for the City of D’Iberville.

Years of experience as a former City Prosecutor.

David has you covered.

I help people everyday who are wrongly charged and are looking for a relatable, down-to-earth guy that can step up and give them a hand. I enjoy a snarky lawyer joke, time with my family, hitting up great concerts, and giving those in need the best legal defense available on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Criminal Defense for South Mississippi

David P. Sullivan

Defense Attorney

DUI Charges

A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge can land you in financial trouble as well as legal trouble. By teaming up with us, you can be rest assured we will do our best to secure your ability to drive while minimizing the stress and charges you may face.

Drug Charges

Facing a drug charge is a stressful process that is made easier with an experience Defense Attorney leading the way and helping you get the best you can from the circumstances at hand. Many cases can be have charges reduced or even dismissed based upon how your Defense Attorney approaches the challenge.

Traffic Citations

Many times Traffic Citations can be thrown out of Court altogether with the right Defense Attorney on your side. As a former City Prosecutor, David P. Sullivan knows all the tricks in the playbook the prosecution is likely to use against you - and more importantly: he knows how to deal with them.

David P. Sullivan, PLLC is listed in numerous online publications, and is Peer Rated for High Professional Achievement.

Discover for yourself why both clients and other lawyers regard David as relatable, down to earth, good natured, and a fantastic ally to have on your side in the courtroom. Contact us today.

Take the first step towards a better Defense: Contact us for your free and confidential Case Evaluation today.

Law Offices of David P. Sullivan, PLLC,
2501 14th St.,Gulfport,MS-39501,
Telephone No.228-547-3533
Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs
Top-Rated Criminal Justice Attorney David P. Sullivan will give you the strongest defense on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Serving Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, and more.

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